terça-feira, junho 07, 2005

Quando o dinheiro em papel acabar...

Segundo artigo da Fast Company, em 2005, somente 10% das transações financeiras serão feitas em dinheiro no formato papel.

A idéia do "dinheiro virtual" anda mais em alta do que a gente pensa.

"The idea is essentially that notes, coins, and checks are all hugely inefficient and will be replaced by digital money, which is easier to process.

PayPal already has 63 million accounts, which makes it bigger than most national banks. In South Korea, four million banking transactions were carried out via cell phone in June of last year, and 300,000 people have bought cell phones into which you can plug a memory card securely encrypted with financial data. In Finland and Japan, you can pay for train journeys and restaurant meals by simply waving your phone in front of a payment terminal. And in Australia and Austria, you can pay for a parking space using your phone. Hello mobile micro-payments. Bye-bye cash."

Íntegra do artigo aqui.